An Insurance Fable

As Innkeepers get their coffee and settle in, Christy always starts her Insurance seminars with the following story:

Let’s go back in time to the days of Scheherazade and Ali Baba. Picture yourself  on a camel, in a caravan, traveling by night across the desert.  Suddenly a great voice booms from the heavens “Dismount, fill your pockets with sand, continue on your journey, and at dawn you will be greatly rewarded”.

Not wanting to anger the Desert Gods, you and your fellow travelers quickly dismount and put sand in your pockets. Frightened, you contine on the journey wondering what will happen at dawn.

As the eastern horizon lightens, everyone stops.  You reach into your pocket with much angst and trepidation.  What you find delights and amazes as the sand has turned into precious stones; your hands are filled with diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. You are so happy!!!!! Yet there is a little voice whispering: “Why didn’t I get more sand?!?!”

Well, it is the same with Inn insurance….fill your pockets with all of the necessary coverages now and be rewarded in the event of a claim.