Innkeepers Insurance Review


In order to make informed decisions, you have researched and become educated on every aspect of your business…down to the type of laundry detergent you use.

However, you have purchased a product that could critically impact your future without the same degree of diligence; not because you did not try to educate yourself but because it is nearly impossible. That product is insuran


Let’s face it, insurance is spoken in a different language: a combination of “legalese” and “insurancese”. To understand insurance, a hefty knowledge base is required. 

Christy Wolf has that knowledge base and will put it to use for you. Among the services offered:

  • A review of your insurance policy (or policies) and coverage suggestions.
  • A review of your insurance proposal(s) and coverage suggestions. 
  • A coverage comparison between 2 or more insurance proposals. 

Who would you rather have reviewing your coverage and offering advice.....someone working for your or someone trying to sell you a policy?  Let Christy work for you! 

Contact Christy at 240-405-2208 or christy@innkeepersinsurance.comFor a review of your Bed and Breakfast Insurance, Inn Insurance, Boutique Hotel Insurance, or Resort Insurance.